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Creative, playful, poetic and always well connected with the youth audience, L'Arrière Scène has been bringing to life theatrical works of great artistic quality since 1976. Its universe, which harmonizes various scenic languages made of images, music , with gestures and words, has already charmed nearly 600,000 spectators and continues to amaze young and old by developing their interest in the performing arts.

Between its walls have emerged, in addition to the works of its founder and artistic direction, outstanding creations by Wajdi Mouawad, Joël Da Silva (Théâtre Magasin), Simon Boulerice and many others.


Well established in her house at the Beloeil Cultural Center since 1982, L'Arrière Scène presents not only her own theatrical works, but also those of her artistic acolytes who, like her, are passionate about creation intended for early childhood audiences. , youth and adolescence. Each year, its rich program of shows is an invitation to discovery and wonder, like a big theater party to which young people of all ages are invited!

Welcoming and unifying, L’Arrière Scène opens its creative spaces to emerging artists and authors in order to create a springboard for new scenic works for young people.


Founded by the City of Beloeil in 1967, the Beloeil Cultural Center houses a performance hall with 427 seats as well as an exhibition hall. The Center is managed by Diffusions de La Coulisse, an organization whose mandate is to program multidisciplinary shows for the general public, while programming for young audiences is orchestrated by L’Arrière Scène.

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Sharing a taste for theater and discussing plays with young audiences, leading creative workshops around various themes and supporting teachers in their outing are some of the actions that the L'Arrière Scène team performs alongside performances. of shows. Because the theater, we love it in all its facets, and there are many!

Did you know that it is also possible to take theater workshops with us? From writing to presenting an original work on stage, each year the P’tite troupe offers young people aged 8 to 17 a full foray into the world of creation!

The Backstage,
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Directeur général

Nelson Archambault

450 467-4504, poste 2239

Artistic director

Jean-François Guilbault

450 476-4504, office 32
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Adjointe à la direction artistique

Julie-Anne Ranger-Beauregard

450 467-4504, poste 2238
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Adjointe administrative

Vivianne Trinque Thauvette

450 467-4504, poste 2231

School public relations coordinator

Annie Préfontaine

514 581-4218 (work at home)

Production manager

Frédérique Julien

450 467-4504, office33
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Responsable de la diffusion

Pierre-Luc Lapointe

450 467-4504, poste 2235

Directrice technique - La Machine

Mélissa Campeau

450 467-4504, poste 2234
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Chargée de projet - Le Théâtrophone

Vanessa Seiler

450 467-4504, poste 2236

Agente de développement des partenariats Canadiens - Le Théâtrophone

Erika Lamon

450 467-4504, poste 2242

Adjointe aux communications - Le Théâtrophone

Isaure Amans

450 467-4504, poste 2241

Artistic direction

Trained actor, playwright, director and award-winning creator-researcher in the professional performing arts - Louise-LaHaye prize and Marcel Dubé prize for his play Noyades (2015) written with Andréanne Joubert, and best thesis grant -creation awarded by UQAM in 2020 -, Jean-François Guilbault is an important figure in the new generation of creators dedicated to young audiences. Co-founder of Samsara Théâtre with his artistic accomplice Liliane Boucher, he has developed a sharp expertise in cultural mediation for children and adolescents, in particular thanks to his active involvement in various structures including Petits bonheurs, the Rencontre Théâtre Ados and the Théâtre Bouches Décousues. Its entry into L’Arrière Scène marks the beginning of a new era inspired by innovation, curiosity, daring and, above all, by the continued respect for the great artistic rigor established by its founder.

Founder / Associate Artist

For more than 50 years, Serge Marois has been ardently involved in everything directly or indirectly related to theater for young audiences, whether as an author, director, producer or broadcaster. By his daring and his personality, Serge Marois is a creator of singular theater, which marks the imagination. A great pioneer in the theatrical world, he has played and still plays a major role in the training of the next generation as well as in the development of children's sensitivity. During these years, his dedication and tenacity were rewarded with numerous other prizes including the Mask of the production for young audiences for his staging of Pacamambo in 2002. He was also honored with the Governor General's medal in 1993 The Arrière Scène he founded 45 years ago continues its momentum and offers, year after year, contemporary works of quality supported by a careful aestheticism.

Board of directors

Interim President

Serge Marois

Founder of L'Arrière Scène


Pierre Curzi

Actor and former provincial deputy for Borduas in Quebec


Francis Lafortune

General Manager, Fourth Windows Youth Center


Lucie Lepage

Lawyer, Morand Duval Avocats

Renée Trudel

Institutional Advisor, Procurement Montérégie

Municipal councilor

Valérie Dionne

Teacher, Pommeraie School

Historical - Soon to come

L’Arrière Scène, founded by director Serge Marois, was born out of the L’Arabesque theater company (1967-1973), which was one of the first to focus on young audiences. His shows are therefore presented at the Le Pont Tournant café-theater.


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