9 years old and older

The story

Julie refuses to believe that her grandmother is dead. With the help of her dog, Growl, she will defy Death to give him a piece of her mind. With poetry, Pacamambo reminds us of the importance of rituals in our lives. It tells us Julie’s story : from rebellion to acceptation, from sadness to hope. Hope for a country named Pacamambo where she will see her grandmother again. Hope for a land where everyone is everybody else and where everyone can choose to be whichever other they want.

Pacamambo won the 2002 Mask Award for Best Production for Young Audiences from the Quebec Theatre Academy and the People’s Choice Award for the 2000-2001 season at the Beloeil Cultural Centre.

The play was created on October 29th 2000 at the Beloeil Cultural Centre.  For teachers, a study guide as well as a class workshop are available.